Short intro

Today, we are announcing a Big opportunity. So, Earn money with Polly host. Because, we are starting the option of Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing :

Affiliate work is a procedure to promote our products today. So, I will told u how to do this. In this method Each client are able to earn money by promoting our products with their relatives and friends.

Short procedure for affiliate work at Polly Host:

Because, Procedure of Affiliate marketing is very simple cool and reliable. So, any can do it in our site. How it can be done? This procedure consist on three steps. So, 1st one signup with Polly Host. Then, Click on affiliate tab and got affiliate marking link. Every customer got 50% of earning . Let Suppose, you convince one customer to use you our services and this person who make purchase of 50$.

Conditions for affiliate persons.

Its necessary for each person to satisfy Term and conditions o f Polly host.

  1. He is user of our site. So, we have their complete data
  2. He must use their unique affiliate link. So he is able to share with their friends and family members.
  3. Finally, for withdrawal and get credit to your account is equal to to 50$.
  4. So, you will receive your amount in next 3 business days.

Detailed procedure about affiliate and how it work

  1. Click ON client Area
Client Area

1. Click Here to signup with Polly host then, Click here to go for affiliate page.

Create account with Polly Host

2. Fill up this foam or login as google or Facebook

Register with Polly host

3. Click On affiliate Tab after signup

4. Finally, Click Apply for affiliate

5. So, you just need to share it with your friend and family members.

Affiliate marketing

How to withdraw our credit

1st thing is your withdrawal credit must be equal to 50$. So, your second step is to rise a ticket which Contains your bank account details to our sales team. Then, they will Transfer it to your bank account.

if you have any question then you may also Contact US at anytime.

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