Today We will learn How to create Backup of a website in cpaenl and how to restore backup again. This is very Important if your data lose or u have some thing wrong in your site then lest restore it. Its Very important to save your data from accedental lose or when some thing went wrong in your site.


This Page will help you in the taking the Backup of your Installations.(for eg. If you want to have a Backup of WordPress Installation)

  1. 1st of all please login to your Polly host Client area using click here then go to Product Page
Login to polly host

When you are in your hosting account then Select the Hosting product which you want to use.

Polly host dashbaord

Now when you are in your active product page then Click on C Panel login button.

Login to cpanel

Login to Cpanel and Now scroll down and click on Softacolous Tab


Click ON Installation Tab

All installations

The button as looks like folder option

Backup installations

Next step is to Click on Backup Installation

Hit this button

In next few moments your site will be backed up

Backup successifull

Now the Next and imprtant question How can we download or restore this backup. It also too simpe. Once lick on Backup Tab as showin in the following Fig.

Restoration of installations

There are few buttons to restore or Download or delete backups. You may Use these buttons as per your requirement

deletion restoration or download

For the restoration of backup just click on restore backup.

Click on restore button

This page allows you to restore backup as per your requirement. In case u want to restore only backup then Unclik other options. If u wants to restore backup files and database then click database and directory if u want to remove existing data then click on Delete existing folder. If u want to learn more about it leave your comment in the comment box

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